The Move to the Digital Age

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Friend or Foe?

This is part of the title of my newest blog posting. I’m not going to tell you the topic, you’ll have to visit the site yourself. Okay fine, here’s a hint:

Children’s Books

I just added a new piece to my Blog Spot page. It encompasses the effects of reading books to children, as well as my personal take on it. Click here to check it out.

New Posts!

Two of my favorite things in one. Here’s a hint:

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The best “top 10” list, thus far.

Here is my newest post on what I consider to be the best “top 10” list of the best books of the 21st century. Let me know what you think! Preview of books or series’ that made the list:

New Post

Just updated my blog. Many wonder whether or not to read the book or watch the movie version of a story; I answered that question. I also referenced My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult, if you’re a fan. Enjoy!

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new blog post!

Since my wordpress site is completely static (through rule), I will inform you of the newest happenings of my other social media sites. I just added a new post on my blogspot blog, so check it out! It encompasses the idea of Wikipedia and heads the question of if the site is actually a reliable source of information.